Here is suggested further reading for the CIM module on INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS* and the accompanying assignment, which cover the following main topics:

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Further guidance on the assignment can be found via these links:

Download Page count policy: page-count-guidance-final-v6-april-16-session-onwards-web

Download Examiner’s report on previous assignment: module-report-d15-integrated-communications-final

Download Harvard Referencing: harvard-referencing-v2-2015

Download Guide to Command Words: command-words-version-2-feb-2016

Download General Guidance of Formats: Guidance_on_formats_for_CIM_assessments

What is Marketing?

Brooksbank, R., Davey, J. and McIntosh, J. (2010)  Marketing’s Great Identity Crisis: A Revised Definition and an Urgent Research Agenda. World Journal of Management, Vol2(1), pp.81-97.

Download Marketing’s Great Identity Crisis

Orton-Jones, C. (2014) Marketing Remodelled. The Marketeer Nov/Dec 2014 Issue 97 p32. [online] (Note: The Marketeer magazine is now Exchange, the monthly e-magazine of the CIM)

Download Marketing remodelled

Internal Communications

Dewhurst, S. and Fitzpatrick, L. (2007) What should be the competency of your IC team? Competent Communicators, [Accessed on 29 February 2016]

Download INTERNAL_COMMS_twelvecorecompetencies

Resource Allocation and Budgeting

Heskett, J.L. et al (1994) Putting the Service-Profit Chain to work. Harvard Business Review, March-April, pp. 164-174.

Download Service Profit Chain hbr-article-1

Managing External Agencies

O’Neill, L. (2013)  6 Tips for Managing Your Outsourced Marketing Agency Precision Marketing Group, 26 March  [online], (Accessed 22 February 2016)

Download 6 Tips for Managing Your Outsourced Marketing Agency

Product Management

Storey, C. and Easingwood, C. J. (1998)  The Augmented Service Offering: A conceptualization and study on its impact on new service success. Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol 15, pp.335-351

Download FTheaugmentedserviceoffering

Shostack, G. L. (1977) Breaking Free from Product Marketing. Journal of Marketing, April, pp. 73-80.

Download Good service continuum Shostack

Branding and Positioning

Keller, K.L.  et al (2002) Three questions you need to ask about your brand. Harvard Business Review, September, pp. 80-86

Download Branding_Keller

Keller, K.L. and Richey, K. (2006) The importance of corporate brand personality traits to a successful 21st century business. Journal of Brand Management, Vol14(1/2), pp. 74-81

Download Corporate Brand_Keller

Corporate Reputation

Fombrun, C. and Van Riel, C. (1997) The reputational landscape. Corporate Reputation Review, Vol1(1/2), pp. 5-13

Download TheReputationalLandscape_1997

Groenland, E.A.G. (2002)  Qualitative research to validate the RQ dimensions. Corporate Reputation Review, Vol4(4), pp. 308-315

Download Corporate Reputation Quotient

Spotts,H.E. et al  (2014), Publicity and advertising: what matter most for sales? European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 48(11/12), pp. 1986 – 2008

Download Advertising or Publicity

Marketing Communications Mix

Hughes, G. and Fill, C. (2007) Redefining the nature and format of the marketing communications mix. The Marketing Review, Vol.7(1), pp. 45-57

Download Redefining Marketing Communications Mix

Hartley,B. and Pickton,D. (1999) Integrated marketing communications requires a new way of thinking. Journal of Marketing Communications, Vol. 5, pp. 97-106

Download New thinking on IMC